Air Bed with pump and Bubble Mattress for Bed sore patients with repair kit


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Information About Air Bed with pump and Bubble Mattress for Bed sore patients with repair kit

The double-channel multi-balloon Air Mattress alternately fluctuates, can give the patient continuous massage, promote the blood circulation, effectively improve the tissue ischemia hypoxia, prevent the local tissue to be under pressure for a long time.


  • Air pump automatic work rest, no manual intervention;
  • Low power consumption.
  • Air cushion size: 280 cm (including flaps)* 90cm (equivalent to single bed area)
  • This product is high – tech alternative ventilation, ultra-low pressure large flow air mattress. USES soft texture material, feel is good, thickness foot, and its performance will not change at various temperatures, turn sufficient air pump after the special craft processing, no matter from the noise control to so on durability achieves the international first-class level.

The product passes through the two groups of combined 130 bubbles each 10 minutes each cycle of the automatic inflating and blowing up, and deflates the gas so that the body of the patient who lies on it can change from time to time. Just use this product, the early bed can be spared the pain of bedsore, bedsore occurred has its blood flow to the affected part will gradually be returned to normal, and fully air circulation, can the more rapid scab wound.

Prevention mechanism of bedsore.

A bedsore is usually caused by illness or disability or because of disability. Long-term bedridden people can’t autonomously adjust their position due to weak body or limb disability or loss of consciousness, and they are in the same position for a long time. In this case, if the nursing work is a little negligent, it is extremely unlikely to form bedsore.


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