Aqualens fog Resist lens cleaner, 30ml Aqualens by lenskart


Aqualens fog Resist lens cleaner, 30ml Aqualens by lenskart


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  • Enjoy clear vision all day
  • Keep your lens fog free for 12-24 hours
  • Enjoy clear vision while wearing mask

Product Description

About this product

  • Portable anti-fog spray Used for Swim Goggles, Ski Goggles, Sun Sports & Eye Goggles
  • Non-Toxic
  • Clear water to your vision
  • Profession Series
  • Give you a clear visual water


Product Description

Directions: Carefully apply sufficient liquid to coat both side of the lens surface then rinse and leave to dry if not working in first coat please apply second coat. Warning: Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not expose to sunlight for a period of time.

From aqualens

We believe game-changing innovation should not be a luxury limited to a few. So we bring to you the best-in-class contact lens technology in the market, at a revolutionary price, Switching to aqualens contact isn’t just good for your eye health, it’s also kinder for your budget. The secret behind our premium contacts at affordable prices is no middlemen. Our mission is to give you happy eyes minus the eye popping prices. Slip-on  to the world of aqualens contact lenses.

Direction for use

spray the anti-fog lens cleaner evenly on the microfiber cloth. Use the cloth to clean the lenses, approximately 4-5 times. After each use, the anti-fog lens cleaner prevents foggy lenses for 12-24 hours. Repeat process when anti-fog function wears off. Store at room temperature, away from high humidity and water.

Safety Information

  • Keep out of the reach of children. Wash your hands after use. while using this product, do not eat, drink or smoke.


Manufactured By:

  • Jiangsu Jaygi Microfiber Textile co. ltd.
  • No. 58 GeDan Road, Development District, Danyang
  • City, jiangsu province, china

Country of Origin: CHINA

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