OneTouch Ultrasoft Lancets


OneTouch Ultrasoft Lancets


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  • Net Quantity: 25 units
  • Expiry Date: 06/2025
  • For single use only
  • Ultra Thin design for less painful testing

Product Description

One Touch Ultrasoft Lancets

One Touch Ultrasoft Lancets are for use with the OneTouch Ultra sampler. When used with the One Touch Ultra sampler, these strips measure the concentration of blood glucose by self-testing for both professional and home use. It’s designed for the precision lancing process. It is ultra-thin and results in painless blood sampling at home. It is ideal for diabetes patients and safe to use as a self-testing kit. Check and track your blood sugar levels comfortably without contamination anywhere with these thinnest and sterile lancets

Key Features of One Touch Ultrasoft Lancets

  • One Touch UltraSoft Lancets have a thin tip for less painful penetration
  • Fast, painless testing
  • For quick and accurate results
  • For use with OneTouch UltraSoft Lancets
  • Adjustable Blood Sampler and Pellet Plus Adjustable Blood

Safety Information of One Touch Ultrasoft Lancets

  • Each lancet is intended for single-time use
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Dispose of the used lancets properly
  • Never use a lancet that has been used by someone else
  • To help avoid infection, as well as improve comfort and performance; use a new sterile lancet every time you test
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Directions to use

  • Wash hands with soap and warm water. Dry well.
  •  Load lancet into lancing device and twist off the protective cap
  •  Choose a spot on the side of a different finger each time you take a blood sample
  •  Follow the lancing device manufacturer’s instructions for obtaining a blood sample
  •  Eject lancet from lancing device and snap-on safety cap before discarding

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Country of origin: Japan

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