SBL Sulphur Dilution 200 CH


SBL Sulphur Dilution 200 CH


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  • Expiry: September, 2026
  • SBL Sulphur Dilution 200 CHOne.
  • Use under the supervision of medical advisor
  • Some hemopathy products are non-expirable

Product Description

Information about SBL Sulphur Dilution 200CH

This homeopathic remedy prepared from sulphur springs is an all-time favourite for skin ailments. All complaints are characterized by severe redness, pain, burning, and inflammation.

The drug is especially useful for the following conditions- Skin Eczema, dry, scaly, and unhealthy skin. Itchy scratching of skin that worsens in hot and humid weather. Burning sensation all over the body.
Psoriasis Scaling and flaking of the skin of hands, feet, and at the fold of joints.
Cracking of skin with acrid fluid oozing out.
Urticaria- Itchy, red rashes all over the body. An allergic skin condition that comes on every year at the same time.

Stomach and abdomen
Acidity, cannot tolerate milk, and loves sweets.

Key Ingredients

  • Sugar of milk
  • The saturated solution of sulphur
  • Absolute alcohol

Key Benefits

  • Deals with eczema, dry, scaly, allergies and unhealthy skin
  • It prevents stomach and abdomen issues
  • Reduces acidity and relieves breathlessness
  • Deals with irregular menses after delivery

Directions For Use

  • The dosage should be followed as directed by the physician
  • Maintain 30 minutes gap between drink, food or any other medication
  • Avoid strong smell in the mouth before taking a dose

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Self-medication is not advised
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of the reach of children



Country of origin: India

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