Havintha Natural Herbal Henna Hair with 11 Herbs Pack (227 g)


Havintha Natural Herbal Henna Hair with 11 Herbs Pack (227 g)


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  • Gives natural nourishment
  • Give Soothing effect
  • Totally chemical-free

Product Description

Havintha Natural Herbal Henna Hair with 11 Herbs Pack

Heena is a natural hair color and conditioner It gives shine and strength to hair. Unlike chemical and detergent-based dye, it does not harm the hair. Henna contains vitamin E, which helps to soften hair. And it is completely natural and has no side effects. Heena regulates oil levels in the scalp and hair. And benefits in dandruff problems. It helps with hair damage problems. Havintha’s Natural Heena Powder goes through a rigorous quality check to ensure a quality product to customers.

Key Ingredients

  • Henna ( Lawsonia inermis)
  • Methi ( Trigonilia foenum graecum)
  • Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria)
  • Amla (Emblica officinalis)
  • Hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)
  • Kattha ( senegalia catechu)
  • Bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata)
  • Neem ( Azadiracsta indica)
  • Brahmi ( Bacopa monnieri)
  • Shikakai ( Acacia concinna)
  • Tea Leaf

Benefits Of Natural Herbal Henna

Natural Dye For Beautiful Hair- Heena is a Herbal dye, that not only colors hair but also keeps our hair healthy.

Enhances Shine And Strength- It gives Natural shine and strength to hair. And has no harmful effects.

Strong Hair With Vitamin-E- It contains Vitamin ‘E’ for softer and smooth hairs. and ensures a healthy scalp.


Henna is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as the henna tree or mignonette tree. Henna is a natural dye used for hair, skin, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. The name henna is used in other skin and hair dyes, such as black henna and natural henna.


IMPROVES HAIR GROWTH:   The natural properties of henna promote hair growth. It can be used to create an essential oil that nourishes and encourage growth.

REDUCE HAIR FALL: The combination of henna powder with mustard oil is an excellent remedy for hair fall

PREVENTS DANDRUFF: Using henna on regular basis cures dandruff and prevents it from coming back.

IT CONTROLS SCALP ITCHINESS: Henna has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that cool and soothes your scalp. This controls scalp itching.

IT REPAIRS SPLIT ENDS: Dry and damaged hair is prone to split ends, which worsens the situation. Henna breaks this vicious cycle and gives you deeply conditioned and nourished hair.

MAKES YOUR HAIR THICK AND LUSTROUS:  Regular use of henna in your hair not only prevents hair fall, and provides more shiny, healthy, and lustrous hair.

Direction for use

  • According to hair size take the Herbal Henna hair pack & make its paste with lukewarm water.
  • You can add a little amount of curd to this paste if you want.
  • Mix it properly & leave it for some time.
  • Apply this paste on your hair and scalp
  • After some time rinse your hair with clean water.

Note: For even better results make this paste into an iron pot.

Safety Information

  • Keep your eyes closed while washing your hair with it.
  • for external use only
  • Do not use in the area of eyes, cut or abraded scalp
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Country of origin: India

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