Woodward'S Gripe Water 200 Ml


Woodward'S Gripe Water 200 Ml


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Product Highlights

  • Instant relief from discomfort caused by gas, acidity & indigestion
  • Helps to promotes & aids digestion
  • Protects babies from various infections
  • Ensures healthy growth
  • Useful during the teething period

Product Description


Woodward’s Gripe Water is an Ayurvedic formulation with a combination of Dill oil and Sarjikakshara that provides symptomatic relief – from stomach pain caused due to gas, acidity and indigestion in infants and children. It is absolutely safe – strict checks are done at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and hygiene of the product. Generations of mothers have trusted Woodward’s to provide Colic remedies to their crying babies.

Woodward's Gripe Water - Good Or Bad?

Information about Woodward’s Gripe Water

Woodward’s Gripe Water Liquid is an Ayurvedic formulation and has Dill oil and Sarjikakshara as key ingredients.
– A non-alcoholic mild antacid
– Provides symptomatic relief from stomach pain caused due to gas, acidity, and indigestion in infants and children

Gripe Water: Must Know Benefits of Gripe Water, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


  • Instant Relief From discomfort caused by gas, acidity & indigestion
  • Promotes & Aids Digestion
  • Absolutely Safe and Effective on Children & Infants
  • Non Alcoholic
  • Recommended by Mothers for generations
  • Trusted for Over 150 years
  • Useful During Teething Period
  • Convenient Packs – Easy to carry & Easy to use
  • From the house of TTK – One of the oldest and trusted business Groups in India

Used For

Gripe water is used as a tonic for infants to provide relief from colic and pain due to indigestion.

Side effects

  1. Gripe water may cause an allergic reaction in babies.
  2. It is not approved by the FDA so one should consult a child specialist doctor before giving to the baby.
  3. Earlier, Gripe water also contained alcohol. So it is better to check ingredients before purchasing and make sure it is non-alcoholic.


  • In general it is advised to give Woodward’s Gripe water to babies between the age group of 3 months to 18 months. However in case the baby is on other food apart from mothers milk then Woodward’s gripe water can be given before 3 months.
  • The dosage on how much of Woodward’s Gripe water needs to be given to babies of different age groups is mentioned on the pack

Safety information

  • It is Non-Alcoholic
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children


Manufacturer/Marketer Address
6, Cathedral Road, Chennai – 600 086.


Country of Origin: India

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