AccuSure Gold Blood Glucose 50 Strips


AccuSure Gold Blood Glucose 50 Strips


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  • Expiry: October 2023
  • Highly Accurate
  • No Coding, Easy to Use
  • The noble metal electrode strip
  • User-friendly design only
  • Type: 1.4ul blood sample required less blood means less pain

Product Description

Information about Accusure Gold Blood Glucose Monitor Strip

The AccuSure Gold Blood Glucose Test Strip is simple to use, painless, and precise. These are used to determine blood glucose levels and ensure sanitary and quick blood absorption. Its beautiful design makes it very simple to use and adds new features.


It is generally used for self-testing blood samples and for keeping track of one’s blood glucose level and observing how the treatment program is impacting it.

Direction to use

  • In the blood glucose monitoring system, place test strips.
  • The monitor is automatic by itself.
  • Apply blood, and the results will appear in a matter of seconds.

How to Insert The Strip And Apply Blood Sample Correctly

  1. Hold the test strip handle
  2. Insert the end of the contact bar into the meter. Push it firmly until the strip will go no further
  3. Make sure the front side (Yellow) of the strip faces up when inserting
  4. Touch the blood with the absorbent hole to absorb it. Do not drip blood directly on the strips.

Safety Information 

  • Keep away from children.
  • Read the manual carefully


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