Dr. Morepen combo of BP-09, Glucometer and Thermometer


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Dr. Morepen combo of BP-09, Glucometer and Thermometer


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Product Highlights

  • Dr. Morepen, glucose monitor BG 03 is a highly versatile product
  • The large display of this Dr. Morepen glucose monitor provides a better view and the memory recall capacity of 300 outcomes make it a smart buying decision for people
  • Minimum blood sample 1.5 Mg/dl
  • Bp 09 blood pressure monitor with BG 03 meter with 25 strips and thermometer

Product Description


Information about Dr. Morepen combo of BP-09, Glucometer and Thermometer

Dr. Morepen Combo of B.P. Monitor BP-09, Glucometer with 25 Test Strips and Thermometer is a combination of various instruments that help the consumer measure his or her blood pressure level, sugar level, and temperature thus letting them stay indoors for routine checks and achieve good health.



B.P. Monitor

  • Helps to indicate the blood pressure level
  • Can store up to 60 readings with date and time
  • Gives an average of last 3 reading
  • It can detect an irregular heartbeat and any body movement


  • Used for the accurate quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) present in the blood
  • The high-low alarm helps in giving accurate information about blood glucose levels
  • Each strip is meant to be used only one-time


  • It is 100% safe (No Mercury)
  • It is clinically tested and can be used at home or clinics
  • Equipped with memory function and beeper alert
  • It has a low battery indicator 
  • It gives a quick and precise measurement
  • Comprises of an automatic power-off feature 
  • It comes with a fever alarm
  • Can be used on people of all ages

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Clean the thermometer after use
  • Do not reuse the strip used in Glucometer

Country of Origin: China

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