Omron HEM CL24 upper arm Large Cuff


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Omron HEM CL24 upper arm Large Cuff


5 in stock

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  • Brand: Omron
  • HEM CL24 Large Cuff size: 32-42 Cm
  • Net Quantity: 1U
  • For Omron Products use only

Product Description

About Omron HEM CL24 Large Cuff for Upper Hand

Omron hem cl24 large cuff is suitable to monitor blood pressure levels in body. It is easy to use in households and by professionals.

Product description of Omron HEM CL24 Large Cuff

Omron Upper Arm Large Hand Cuff is a standard medical accessory which helps to measure the blood pressure level with omron digital monitor at home. With the rising popularity of medical devices to be used at home, Omron is doing a great job for making home uses devices along with the same accuracy as you have seen in medical centres. Omron Upper Arm Cuff is made with a comfortable fabric. Which is comfortable to wrap around your arms and comes with soft cushioning material which is water proof and it does not gets affected with excessive heat exposure. It is fire resistant as well.

Omron Upper Arm Cuff is used on the upper limb and can be wrapped around the biceps. It takes the shape of the user’s arms. The circumference covers a range of 32-42 centimetres. It can be used at home as well as for professional use.

Since arms are one of the sweatiest regions of the body, keeping the arm cuff clean and hygienic is essential. The outer material is grease and sweat proof and it can be washed effectively without losing its elasticity.

Safety Information:

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Store away from children
  • Read the manual carefully


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Manufactured By:

  • Omron Dalian Co., LTD.
  • No.3, Song Jiang Road, Economic & Technical Development Zone
  • Dalian 116600, P.R. China

Country of Origin: China

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