Omron HJ- 325 Pedometer


Omron HJ- 325 Pedometer


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  • Stay Active, Stay Healthy
  • Walking Style
  • Battery Description- Lithium-Ion
  • Item Weight 20g

Product Description

Omron HJ- 325 Pedometer 

The new walking style will measure your physical activity keenly and helps you in your dieting regime and motivates you to reach your daily walking target. This step counter can count the number of steps while in a bag or pocket as well as when being worn round the neck, giving you a choice of options on how to carry it. Use it every day for an easy way to monitor your health.


Calories burned
The intensity of your walk is measured and the amount of
calories are calculated.

Aerobic steps
Aerobic steps are the physical exercise that helps us stay
healthy. Aerobic steps are counted separately when
walking more than 60 steps per minute and more than
10 minutes successively. If a rest of less than 1 minute is
taken after a continuous brisk walk of more than
10 minutes, this will be regarded as part of “a continuous

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Manufactured by:

53, Kunotsubo, Terado-cho, Muko, Kyoto,617-0002

Country of origin: JAPAN

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