i-activ Menstrual Cup with Jute Bag (Large Size)


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i-activ Menstrual Cup with Jute Bag (Large Size)


4 in stock

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  • Size: Large
  • Expiry: May/2025
  • Capacity: 30ml
  • 100% Medical Grade Liquid Silicon

Product Description

Information about i-activ Menstrual Cup Large Size

i-activ Menstrual Cup with Jute Bag, reusable, soft & flexible period cup made with 100%  liquid silicone. It gives for 8-10 hours protection against changing pads. It provides leak proof cup and can be worn overnight. Cup are reusable up to 10 years. You just feel safety in doing physical activities, swimming, dancing wearing menstrual cup without worrying about having periods. It is environment free in nature & protect any intimate area infection.

Features of i-activ Menstrual Cup

  • Material: Silicon
  • Color: pink
  • Made 100% silicon
  • Eco friendly & can be reusable upto 10 years
  • It gives pad free periods with 8-10 hours of protection
  • It protect from leak & can be worn at night
  • Menstrual cup provide safety in physical activities
  • It is rash free & odourless
  • It provides jute bag with cup

Direction to use i-activ Menstrual Cup

  • Washing: wash your hands and cup with warm water.
  • Folding of cup: Hold the cup facing upside and fold it in half by pressing the sides of the cup together to form “C” shape. 
  • Inserting the cup: Gently separate the opening of the vagina with one hand and slowly push the folded side of the cup inside the vaginal opening.
  • Removing the cup: Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Hold the stem gently and pull it out till you can touch the bottom of the cup. Now slightly press the cup in the bottom to release the air seal and pull the cup out completely
  • Emptying the cup: The cup needs to be emptied 2 to 5 times a day depending upon the flow of the individual. Empty the cup in the toilet. Rinse it thoroughly with water and reinsert
  • When your periods are over and the cup is no longer in use, first wash your cup with lukewarm water and soap
  • Then place the cup in boiling water for 2-3 mins to fully sanitize it
  • Remove the cup from the boiling water and allow it to air dry completely
  • Store it in the provided jute bag when not in use

Safety Information

  • Read the manual carefully before use it
  • Keep away from children
  • In case there is leakage, please remove the cup and insert it again correctly
  • In case if you experience rash or irritation, discontinue use and consult a doctor

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Manufactured By:

  • Piramal Enterprises Limited, Piramal Ananata,
  • Agastya Corporate Park, 109 A, 109A/1 to 109/21A, 111 and 110, 110/1 to 110/13,
  • Opposite Fire Brigade, Kamani Junction, Kurla (West), Mumbai 400070, Maharashtra, India

Country of Origin: India

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