SAFFRON & HONEY FACE WASH - With Hydrolyzed Honey, Indian Saffron & Milk Proteins -100g


SAFFRON & HONEY FACE WASH - With Hydrolyzed Honey, Indian Saffron & Milk Proteins -100g


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  • It gives your skin a brilliant shine that each individual longs for. Though, honey goes about as a lotion and treats dull and harmed skin giving the lost hydration.
  • It eliminates the tan from the upper layers of skin and reestablishes the regular decency of the skin.
  •  help to restore the regular shine of the skin, shield the skin cells from extreme harm & protect the skin cells from further damage and lighten the skin tone enhancing the skin complexion.

Product Description

SAFFRON & HONEY FACE WASH – With Hydrolyzed Honey, Indian Saffron & Milk Proteins -100g

Saffron and Honey Face Wash is a mild cleanser that refines your skin. It is infused with properties that target pigmentation, and spots and repair any damage in the skin tissue to make it soft, hydrated, and glowing.

A face wash that contains Honey and Saffron helps with drawing out impurities and gives your skin a smooth surface. With every wash, it rids your skin of impurities and leaves you with a clear & refreshed complexion. It is a natural formula that deeply cleanses the skin & leaves skin supple and has a soothing effect. This face wash is propelled from the conventional honey and saffron ingredients to give you skin that sparkles with wellbeing. It has nutrients and minerals that help to deal with your skin’s well-being and prevents pollutants and free radicals from harming your skin. It eliminates dirt without upsetting your skin’s regular oil balance.

So you don’t get that tight, drawn feeling in the wake of utilizing this face wash. This product is liberated from Paraben, SLS, and Mineral Oil. Purge your face without presenting it to any unsafe synthetic compounds with Pores Saffron and Honey Face Wash. It eliminates dead cells and pollutants and furthermore unclogs the pores without getting rid of the dampness from the skin.

Key Ingredient



Saffron one of the most essential element has the capacity to successfully fight skin break out and flaws. This specific ingredient, rich in antioxidants otherwise called Kesar has high calming and antibacterial properties that are used to treat and clear skin break out and offers a healthy skincare routine. It adds a brilliant shine and gives you that perfect complexion.


Honey is one amongst most revered skin remedies. Its antibacterial and antiseptic abilities benefit oily and acne-prone skin. The antioxidant prevention agents in honey lift healthy and sparkling skin like no other. Its gentle nature makes it a significant piece of your face care schedule. The fragile scent adds a shivering newness!


Milk contains lactic acid that is effective for lightening skin and removing dead skin cells that get accumulated on your face. The milk protein additionally keeps skin hydrated and decreases allergic infections like rashes and dull spots on the skin. It prevents dry skin caused by surfactants while shielding skin and enhancing skin feel.

Direction for use 

  • Wet your Face & Neck
  •  Squeeze out a small amount of Face Wash onto your palm.
  • Gently work up the lather by massaging in a circular motion with Fingertips for 1-2 minutes.
  •  Thoroughly Rinse and Pat Dry. Ideally, use twice a day for best results.

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