UBTAN FACE WASH - With Hydrolyzed Honey, Turmeric & Sandalwood -100g


UBTAN FACE WASH - With Hydrolyzed Honey, Turmeric & Sandalwood -100g


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Product Expiry : January 2025

  • Ban the sun tan with the rich antioxidants present in Turmeric that consists of excellent skin brightening properties.
  • helps the skin in better moisture absorption making it healthy and hydrated.
  • Sandalwood is the most efficacious for pesky pimples and acne.

Product Description

UBTAN FACE WASH – With Hydrolyzed Honey, Turmeric & Sandalwood -100g

Pores Ubtan Face Wash is formulated with the natural goodness of hydrolyzed honey, turmeric, and sandalwood powder which helps refresh tanned, tired skin by gently removing the layer of dead skin. It is a skin-reviving face wash that helps to restore your natural skin radiance and lets you take on your day with confidence. Our ancestors had efficient ayurvedic formulae and making use of these powerful ingredients such as turmeric, and natural oils, helped to get rid of skin tanning, and acne and give your face a natural glow. To save your time & effort in looking for the right mix, Pores presents this amazing Face Wash, which is made with the purest form of Natural Ayurvedic ingredients.

It releases deep dirt and reduces patchy skin. It also hydrates and safeguards your skin against environmental attackers. Suitable for all skin, this Natural Face Wash can be used to repair the skin’s natural radiance and suppleness. This face wash is rich in antioxidants that brighten your skin and give it a vibrant glow. It is enriched with rich, traditional natural ingredients that are known for their cleansing and skin recovering properties.

Our product specially for dry skin is made from traditional natural ingredients known for their cleansing and skin restoring properties and is ideal for both men & women. It helps to improve your skin’s texture and appearance by moisturizing your skin and protecting it from environmental damage. It has a temperate, subtle aroma that relaxes the senses.

Pamper your skin with an age-old tradition of ubtan and let your dull, tanned skin rejuvenate and feel fresh & bright. Undo the effects of tan, pollution, dirt, harmful UV rays and harsh weather conditions with this magical face wash. It is free from any Silicones, Paraben, Sulfates, etc, under our no toxins and no harmful chemicals policy.

Key Ingredient



Antioxidants in Turmeric guard skin from free extreme damage. It is also traditionally known to fight sun tan and brighten skin tone. It maintains moisture balance to make the skin smooth and silky.


Saffron & Sandalwood clears spots and aids in tan removal. It is a formulation that gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it gorgeous and renewed.


Honey contains antioxidants, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, along with moisturizing properties. It helps to deeply penetrate the skin, ease the skin coatings, and function to extract impurities from pores including dirt that induces blackheads.

Direction for use 

  • Wet your Face & Neck
  •  Squeeze out a small amount of Face Wash onto your palm.
  • Gently work up the lather by massaging in a circular motion with Fingertips for 1-2 minutes.
  •  Thoroughly Rinse and Pat Dry. Ideally, use twice a day for best results.


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