Romsons Urobag DB1070-10 Romo-10


Romsons Urobag DB1070-10 Romo-10


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  • Product Expiry- 48 months from now
  • Brand : ‎Romsons
  • Item model number : ‎R10 Romsons
  • Item Weight : ‎70 g
  • Package Dimensions : ‎21 x 13.4 x 2.4 cm
  • It a urine collecting bag

Product Description

Information about Romsons Urobag Romo 10 

Romsons Urobag Romo 10 is a drainage bag for urine collection. This bag is worn at the waist and has an indwelling foley or suprapubic catheter. Romsons Urobag is ideal for both males and females. Unrestricted flow was ensured with a 2 L capacity bag & 100cm of ultra smooth, kink-resistant tubing. The moulded handle makes it easier to handle the bag and keeps the tube upright to prevent kinking. Non-return valve with top output i.e efficient. The bag is sterile, individually packed in ribbon pack.

Key features of Romsons Urobag DB1070-10 Romo-10:

Two litre capacity bag provided with 100 cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing ensures unrestricted flow.
Specially designed moulded handle facilitates easy carrying and handling of bag and holds the tube in upright position to prevent kinking.
Efficient non-return valve with top outlet.
Modified tapered connector facilitates aseptic catheter-urine bag connection.
Sterile, individually packed in ribbon pack.



  • Bag for collecting urine

Benefits and features 

  • Unrestricted flow is ensured with a two-litre capacity bag & 100 cm long extremely smooth kink resistant tubing.
  • Non-return valve with top output i.e efficient.
  • Urine drainage bags come in handy when you have urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention (inability to urinate), or another health issue.


Directions to use 

  • Use as directed by a physician.
  • Read the label carefully.


  • Empty your suitcase in a clean bathroom at all times. Do not allow the openings of the bag or tube to come into contact with any bathroom surfaces (toilet, wall, floor, and others).
  • Keep away from the children.


Country of origin: India

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