Tynor A-12 Ash Brace (Hyper Extension Brace) Large


Tynor A-12 Ash Brace (Hyper Extension Brace) Large


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  • Provides high immobilization and comfortable fitting
  • Helps to treat mild and acute lower back pain
  • Gives relief in conditions such as osteoarthritis

Product Description

Tynor A-12 Ash Brace (Hyper Extension Brace) Large

Tynor A-12 Ash Brace (Hyper Extension Brace) provides extension and stabilization of the spine in the sagittal plane, at the same time it encourages sternal and symphytic lordosis thus relieving pressure on the anterior parts of the vertebral bodies.

It is used to provide support to the entire spinal area and also helps in reducing the back pain.


Product Features

  • Corrosion resistant, improved durability, dependable sturdiness, appealing aesthetics
  • Better impact absorption, enhanced comfort, reduced pressure on pubis and chest
  • Better support from the back, relieves the load on the anterior vertebra
  • Easy to fit using easy slide and screw adjustment mechanism

Use as per requirement or as directed by the physician.


Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place

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