Moods Condoms Strawberry 12's


Moods Condoms Strawberry 12's


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  • Store in a cool, dry place to protect from rain, heat, direct sunlight and mechanical damage.
  • MOODS condoms will help you to prevent pregnancy and protect from the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Product Description


Surprise your senses with MOODS Strawberry flavoured condoms. Equip yourself with a variety of fruity flavours and get ready to explore new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Strawberry condoms are specially designed for fellatio as ordinary condoms have an unpleasant taste leading to a bad sexual experience. Moods Strawberry Condoms fills these gaps and provide incredible flavours that lighten up the taste buds and makes oral sex more enjoyable. Moods Strawberry Condoms helps in gaining momentum for the foreplay and gives immense pleasure.


Key benefits:

  • Strawberry flavoured
  • Effectively lubricated
  • Comfortable fit
  • Non-allergic latex


Direction for use:

  • Open with clean hands.
  • Squeeze the teat for no air gaps.
  • Place and roll all the way down.
  • After use, throw it in a bin

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